It’s that time of year again, gift-giving mania. For someone trying to create less waste gift giving can be somewhat confusing. You’re trying not to buy ‘things’ but there are sometimes when you need or want to participate in gifting. I wanted to bring you the zero waste, vegan, and conscious consumer gift guide to quell all your gifting needs because gifting can be fun and conscious at the same time.

Today’s post is sponsored by Dot & Army. Dot and Army is a woman-owned company based in coastal Georgia. With a focus on thoughtful living, they make cloth napkins, zero waste utensil wraps, reusable snack bags, bowl covers and offer reusable straws and produce bags. All of which these great gifts! The produce bags and market bags are great as zw gift wrap. Use code ‘liveplanted20‘ to get 20% your entire purchase of thoughtful, less waste goods.

Stocking Stuffers:

  1. Tulsi Tea– Supports a sense of calm and tranquility & tastes like a dream.
  2. Stasher Bags– Great for lunches, leftovers, snacks on the go, can be heated & frozen.
  3. Bamboo Toothbrush– Practical, pretty, & who wants to buy toothbrushes for themselves?
  4. Essential Oils- Lavender is nice for calming, eucalyptus is good for stuffy noses.
  5. Reusable Cotton Rounds– Feels super luxury, saves lots of waste.
  6. String Produce Bag– Can be used for produce, books, farmer’s market runs, or even as a purse.
  7. Charcoal Filter– Toss in a water bottle and filter your water anywhere & it looks freakin’ cool.
  8. Stainless Straws- These never break & come with a cleaner brush. Straws like these are replacing the obsolete plastic straw left right and centre. Those of us who want to make a difference to the planet see purchasing foldable metal straws as a great help the environment and the creatures that live within it.
  9. Plant Fiber Dish Brush– It’s useful, sustainable, and also looks great.

In the Kitchen:

  1. Reusable Coffee Cup– Duh, but so useful. This bamboo ‘Joe Cup‘ is a good option too.
  2. Utensil Kit: My personal fav, wraps up with everything you need to toss in a bag and go.
  3. Rice Cooker– This will change the rice game, you’ll use it daily, & it’s stainless so you can avoid Teflon.
  4. Mug & Loose Leaf Tea-Combo gifts are always nice, thrift a nice mug & pick out some loose leaf tea for a seriously less waste gift.
  5. Reusable Napkins– Throw them in lunches, use them with dinner, cloth napkins elevate everything and eliminate the need to buy paper ones.
  6. Cutting Board– Beautiful to display, luxury to use and serve on. Will be used for decades to come.
  7. Wood Utensils– The most used things in my kitchen, useful & beautiful.
  8. Instant Pot, Vitamix, Food Processor– Looking for a big & super useful gift? These are my most used items, each makes a huge difference in your cooking.
  9. DIY Vanilla, jar of bulk trail mix, bulk oil or vinegar, herb-infused vinegar, homemade spice blends– Lots of easy bulk foods you can package into jars and make into a personalized, zero waste gift.
  10. French Press– Classic, no plastic on this stainless version & makes coffee with no need for filters or extra waste. Combine with some local coffee for a combo gift.

Fun Stuff:

  1. Sundays Nail Polish- ZW packaging, toxic free, vegan, & cruelty-free, plus they come in a beautiful range of colors.
  2. Troos Face Oil– Super luxury, small batch, made with moisturizing essential oils of the highest quality. I love this for winter skin & the packaging is so beautiful it’s giftable.
  3. Pakt Bag– Small yet fits a whole bunch, designed to last so you won’t need another travel bag for a long time.
  4. Calendar- Handmade calendars on Etsy can be customized to whatever your recipient likes- national parks, birds, swimming, literally anything.
  5. Live Planted Tote– Gotta get that LP plug, but seriously use it as a purse or for grocery & library runs, it’s good for everything, made of cotton so it lasts.
  6. Seeds– The gift that keeps on giving, gift herbs or fruits and veggies depending on your recipient’s garden prowess. Baker Creek seeds are all organic and non-GMO, they are known as the tops in seeds.
  7. Who Gives A Crap TP– Weird but fun & useful. Give a few months supply of recycled paper toilet paper (I use it personally, it’s soft I swear) & it comes it super cute packaging completely without plastic.
  8. Plant Cuttings- Root cuttings of your plants at home, thrift pots to gift it in. Super cute, creates no waste, & everyone loves a plant baby.
  9. Who Gives a Sh*t- My favorite book of the year, the author, Ashlee Piper has been on the pod before. Practical, everyday tips and tricks to ‘Do good. Live better. & Save the planet.’
  10. Anything on Depop– Looking for a specific clothing item? Find it used on depop, converse, levis, combat boots, purses, they have whatever your family might be looking for.
  11. Jewels by SJB– The prettiest vegan jewelry out there.
  12. Handmade ArtRarePress is a great resource for woman made art at different price points. Etsy has a large selection where you can support actual makers, not corporations. Do a little research to see who you’re supporting before buying.
  13. Chickpea Magazine– Each quarterly issue is a beyond beautiful coffee table book full of stories, recipes, and photos.


  1. National Parks Pass- Great for a travel buff, access to all national parks for the year.
  2. Brewery, Winery, Art Musem Tour- Organize the tour, print tickets or write up an itinerary as the gift. Can be in your own city or in a neighboring city, it’s fun to have a whole day of activity planned for you to do together.
  3. Organize a Trip- Skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, New York City, road tripping, Airbnb stay. Make it as far or close as suits you, just organize the whole trip and give them the gift of the experience.
  4. Massage, Nails, Facial- Organize a couples massage, manicure, or facial. These luxuries are something most people never splurge on but would love to experience.
  5. Concert or Movie Tickets- Surprise them with a night out to see someone you both really love in concert.
  6. Zip Lining, Helicopter Ride, Hot Air Balloon Tip- Groupon usually has crazy deals on weird and crazy experiences you didn’t know were possible in your own city.
  7. Donate- Animal sanctuary, local NPR station, local library, national cause, local charity or community program- anything your recipient truely cares about is a good option.
  8. Restaurant Hop- Set up a day where you eat at 5 local vegan restaurants, you have drinks at one, apps at another one or two, a small meal at another, and dessert at the last one.

Do you have any other fun zero waste & vegan gift ideas? Here’s the 2017 gift guide and 2016 gift guide as well.

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