Since sharing my zero waste iced coffee recipe on episode #109 of the pod it’s gotten a lot of air time on Instagram so I thought I’d share it over here. It’s literally the easiest, dreamiest, creamiest iced coffee ever. Trust me, you’re going to want to make it every night this summer. There are loads of places that you go to get quality coffee grounds, like this coffee supplier in Coventry, or I’m sure you have your own favourite blend. With this being said, if it wasn’t for friends of mine who work at coffee shops mentioning how they have new stock/flavours through distributing companies like JoeFroyo wholesale, then I don’t think I would have even thought about making iced coffee. But I am glad that I did.

I make mine in the French press because it requires no filters or extra trash to throw away. Plus it can sit overnight in your fridge and be totally contained. I use a Bodum one that I found at a thrift store, but you can also use a big mason jar and a strainer in the morning. Just use what you have.

Since my husband wanted me to tell everyone it’s actually his recipe, here’s Eric’s Iced Coffee Recipe. (Although, what’s yours is mine in marriage…am I right?)

1.Make strength and a half coffee with COLD water before going to bed.
*We want cold or room temp water because making it with hot then cooling the coffee releases the acidity of the beans. Keeping it cold makes it rich and creamy without any acidity.*Strength and a half ensures that when you put the ice cubes in your iced coffee it won’t be watered down.

2. Stick the lid on and put in your fridge overnight.
*Don’t strain, we want the beans to soak and steep all night in the fridge.

3. Stain and drink with ice cubes and a little soy milk in the morning.
*You don’t have to have soy milk but it’s my favorite in iced coffee because it mixes in rather than separating like almond milk tends to do.

Compost your coffee grounds or use them as a soil fertilizer for zero waste.

I really prefer to drink mine from a stainless steel straw as it keeps the iced coffee cool all the way to your lips. This is obviously unnecessary, and like I said use what you have, but it makes the experience that much better in my opinion. The straw is so cold and the drink is so cold and it makes a refreshing experience that I seriously enjoy.
MollykinsCarter on Instagram already said she’s addicted to my I mean, Eric’s recipe. If you make it too send me an Instagram story about it! I’d love to see.

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