Normally during winter seasonal depression slides into a cozy spot in my brain and hunkers down for a nice long stay until spring.  This year I realized that I’m not feeling those winter blues and blahs, thank goodness.  I was trying to reflect on what the difference was this year and I realized that I’ve made a few changes.  If you follow LP on insta you might have seen this post about taking a chance on myself. I also have gotten really serious about my workouts again, I always go for a mental rewind, but some days I’m more focused on pushing outside of my comfort zone than others. It’s nice to feel positive about my ability to push myself and to take time for self care. Plus I’ve been thinking a lot about future plans, its nice to think there’s some fun adventure beyond the current day to day grind.

Anyways, I wanted to share that you can kick the winter depression in case you’re suffering with it too. The ways you pull yourself up will be different than mine, but its worth trying.  This is way more than I normally share in a ‘Weekend Roundup’ post, so if you’re just here to see the links, read below.


This animal is now being hunted for its tail alone and facing extinction.

Good news for vegans according to google.

Are you thinking new year’s resolutions yet? Could this be in your future?

This vegan food chain is spreading nationwide- yay!! More vegan food to easily access is always good.

I included this item into my ‘Vegan Gift Guide‘. I got it as a gift last year and the technology and non toxic-ness behind it is something I really stand behind.

A common misconception is that this breakfast classic can’t be made vegan.  Here’s 11 different ways to make it plant based.

Again with the resolutions, but this is a really great article about making a switch for your resolution and sticking to it.

Looking for some recommendations?

The world is changing- you can now break a vegan egg yolk. Whaa!!

This stuff is keeping my face from being a winter desert. So moisturizing.

Hope you guys have a great weekend- don’t forget today is the last day to enter my Green Beauty giveaway on insta.

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    1. Thanks Brittany! Your website is looking C’est magnifique lately, so thanks for the compliment. I couldn’t believe the yolk when I saw it too- I watched it like 5 times.

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