I posted something different last Friday and someone told me the roundups were their favorite and they missed reading it. The roundups are my favorite too, I love making them. So we’re back with another roundup this week. Here’s some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

I’m biased because I LOVE cats, and have a soft spot for black and white ones, but this guy is just so great.

Minneapolis already has one of these, but now Brooklyn is getting one. Would you eat here?

This book will get you through cold & flu season and pretty much anything else. I talked about my love for it here. (Plus its only 1 cent if you buy it used on Amazon.)

I tired telling myself this wasn’t a necessity when traveling and quickly learned I won’t travel without it again. I use it twice daily!

I’ve been binge watching this couple on youtube and am so inspired. I really want to live a traveling life for at least a few years of my life.

This very popular chef just opened their second restaurant in, where else, Brooklyn. We should go to Brooklyn.

Have you tried this recipe yet? I’m bias, but it’s SO good.

I’m a ‘think positive, be positive’ type person. This quote is both funny and a good reminder to me.

Cauliflower is my jam lately, this is my next recipe to try out.  During winter anything roasted is good in my book.


Listen to this week’s podcast, 17 minutes full of my best tips and tricks for budget vegan living.

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