What a week it was.  You can read my feelings on Thanksgiving in the last post. Today we’re moving forward into the full Holiday season, and I’ve got to say I am excited. Normally, I’m not a holiday person but this year I’m looking forward to a little of the hoopla. Sustainable, cruelty free, and vegan gift guides coming your way. I’m all about the minimalism, but a good gift is worth a little thought. Here’s some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

Hello butternut squash and farro dish, you make me swoon.

I wear these as slippers around the house and was looking for a vegan version- found it! 

If you’re not dessert’d out from thanksgiving, this one looks killer.

NPR just did this piece on vegans at your holiday table, whats your take on it?

The ultimate guide to vegan pizza, you’re welcome.

New Years is coming, start reading this book now. You’ll thank me later.

Good news! Less animals killed last year because of why?

Have you heard of this organization? They are awesome.

If THIS guy can change, anyone can.

After Thanksgiving, I’m maxing out on this salad.

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