Hello and happy Friday! I haven’t done a Weekend Roundup in 5 months so I thought it was time we revived this series of things I’m digging from around the internets. I’m all over the place today, reading, coffee, thought pieces so the roundup reflects that with a bunch of different articles.

Every week I put together vegan news, recipes, and things I’m digging from the interwebs. Here’s what I’m enjoying from around the web this week. Enjoy!

Just sold this vintage corduroy skirt over on insta.

A wonderful article of happiness at different time periods of life from a 90 something’s point of view.

This video of girl’s fighting the stereotype of playing chess really warms my heart.

I’ve decided to sell some thrifted/vintage gems over on depop, I might keep thrifting & selling my finds if you guys like it.

Speaking of thrifting here’s my guide on how to thrift if you’re new to second hand buying.

Euro Starbucks are getting a vegan pumpkin spice mix, hopefully the US version is coming too.

Why read? Another interesting take on reading and the brain.

This article surprisingly offers good advice for vegans in a relationship with a nonvegan.

Currently reading this, listening to this book on tape (HIGHLY recommend, it’s changing the way I think about money & positivity), and just finished reading this which I also HIGHLYYY recommend (the author, Ashlee,  was recently on the pod).

The best vegan restaurant in every state.

An interesting read on choosing to do life solo.  Espicallyinteresting as a woman when your ‘accomplishments’ are so tied to children and husbands in society.

I showed how to use the Aero Press over on insta stories today. I love it’s ability to make one cup of coffee at a time with little to no waste- just compost the grounds and get a reusable filter.

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