Hello & Welcome to another Weekend Roundup. I’m SO happy it’s Friday, that Friday feeling is going around. This week the ‘Mental Health’ episode came out and instantly became a fan favorite. I’ve been marinating on this topic for a while now and it felt good to let it fly free on the internet. If you know someone who should hear the message of doing some ‘mood maintenance’ or just someone who you think could benefit from hearing a different perspective-send the podcast to them. I’ve found some of my favorite podcasts through a recommendation from a friend.  🙂

Every week I put together vegan news, recipes, and things I’m digging from the interwebs this past week. Here’s what I’m enjoying from around the web this week. Enjoy!

Raw Vegan Donut Holes from This Rawsome Vegan Life.

I mean…raw vegan donut holes that won’t coast you an arm and leg to make.

Public perceptions of veganism have shifted and people are ‘going vegan for fun’.

Helpful tips for eating out while vegan.

Does your day include white space?

Ben & Jerry’s debuted two new vegan flavors this week, making 20% of their total product line nondairy.

Smartphones are changing our brains.

Looking forward to spring & summer eating, this new cookbook takes me there.

Printables with quotes from this week’s pod.

How to come out as a vegan.

Lentil wraps with a little different spicing than expected.

Every kitchen needs a big window and ample workspace.

Can’t stop wearing this, made by a fellow vegan lady.

A message for today.

Week 2 of the Self Care Challenge was ‘Nourish’, Ana wrote up the email this week, view it here. View week 1, ‘Movement’, that I crafted here.

Want more Weekend Roundups? Check out the full archives here! I’ve got 50(!) other Roundups just waiting for you.

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