Today Brittany Jaroudi alerted me that Live Planted was featured in the newest VegNews Magazine. Like WHATT?  I’m a huge fan of VegNews so to hear an editorial assistant at VegNews say she loves starting her mornings walking to work listening to LP is so cool! I’m heading out to find the latest issue this afternoon. Hopefully more people will pop over and join the ‘practical vegan’ movement with us!

Every week I put together vegan news, recipes, and things I’m digging from the interwebs this past week. Here’s what I’m enjoying from around the web this week. Enjoy!

On why wearing loose workout clothes to the gym is actually an act of self love.

30 days, 30 excuses from Earthling Ed is worth a watch.

Complaining isn’t gratitude, going without complaining as an act of gratitude.

According to the BBC 2017 was the year veganism went mainstream. Yay x 1,000!

We’re BIG on the herbal treatments over here, so this Winter Vegan Nutrition guide is great.

THIS message is everything today. And this becasue what’s life without some laughter.

This book is my bible when it comes to herbs.

The ‘Willy Wonka’ of plant milk in the UK.

Wondering about the ethical and health impacts of backyard eggs? Watch this.

Why we need to sleep.

My new favorite workout pants, pure magic.

Making this coconut red lentil soup tonight while we get snowed in.

5 ways to go vegan this January from the ‘South China Morning Post’ is random, but does have good suggestions and it includes past pod guests, High Carb Hannah and Caitlin Shoemaker.

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