Hello! This week has been insane. Preparing for the holidays, preparing for the merch launch (hello new totes, pins and stickers coming your way!), preparing for all the things life throws at you at the end of the year. It feels like we’re in a race to end 2017. Are you feeling the same way? If you’re feeling drained or out of ideas, I’ve gathered a few for you today. Recipes, movies to watch, things I’m putting in stocking stuffers, it’s all here.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Veggie Taco Meat Recipe from Veggie Balance.

If you’re still on the fence about switching to 100% cruelty free, this article lays it out nicely.

Shelter dogs in this city could be going vegan. Are you surprised at who’s behind the change?

It’s always taco season, right?

The ‘luxury’ sector is finally tapping into the demand for vegan clothes and shoes.

Deliciously Ella’s stance on how to make ‘vegetables come alive’ is just great.

Something to think about, women vs. men’s POV.

An instapot recipe since everyone is buying them for the holidays.

Emily Henderson is always on point, her gift guide is great this year.

If you’re looking for a holiday movie, may I suggest this? If you’re looking for a good show to start, may I suggest this? If you’re looking for a good Youtube to watch, may I suggest this?

If you have to scrub dishes, minds well make it pretty.  This one is made from plant fibers.

That Saturday feeling.

How to cook grains. I also recommend this for rice, cous cous, and quinoa cooking.

These cards always appeal to my punny heart.

Plus, two things happening over on Instagram

The gratitude challenge is still going strong until january. Join if you’d like! Some people are sharing their gratitude and some are joining the challenge and keeping it private. Whatever suits you is great, it’s just about reflecting & being present.

As a holiday show of gratitude, I am excited to be giving away one of my fav finds from 2017, a Hanks Pocket, a utilitarian vest with tons of pockets to keep you hands free. You can find the giveaway here, but if you just want a pocket now you can use ‘LIVEPLANTED’ to get 15% off. (I don’t make any $ off the code, Hank’s was just nice enough to send a code for you guys.)

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