This week is officially coming to an end and it’s been a crazy one. The new LP logo officially rolls out Dec 19th with merch, new podcast music, and a whole new look. I’m overly excited for you guys to see it and hear the story behind it. Plus, I’ve been told it looks ‘dope!’, so there’s that.

If you’re here for the week’s latest in veg news, recipes to try out, and things I’m digging. Keep scrolling my friend, because here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Crispy Baked Tofu From With Love & Food.

A heart melting moment between a man a rabbit, he’s truly a kind soul.

Ohio, America’s second largest puppy mill state, is working to restrict the mills, hopefully putting a stop to the profit over welfare mentality and cruel conditions of the unnecessary mills.

The terms and conditions Field Roast set for their acquisition. If you’re unsure about supporting a vegan brand bought by a non vegan brand, I did a whole segment in this episode explaining why I won’t boycott these buy-outs.

A recipe that always comes in clutch when you have last minute guests over. Plus, everyone can make it to their own liking.

Today is the last day to enter The Colorful Kitchen Giveaway, enter here. If you just can’t wait, make these Golden Turmeric Chickpea Fritters from The Colorful Kitchen blog this weekend.

A kitchen just begging for a coffee sippin’, cookbook toting, cook to live in it.

I’ve got gifts on my mind and keep coming back to this sticker, I might just order it in bulk & give it to all my girlfriends. To me, being vegan is the ultimate girl power move.

Masterchef judges blown away by the vegan, gluten free, dessert. Funny to see the surprise on their faces that this is possible.

A gift guide for all the vegan kitchen connoisseurs in your life, maybe even a little something to add to your list.

This crispy baked tofu popped up on my pinterest and it seems I just can’t say no to crispy tofu.

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