This week, I’m adding a little more to the Weekend Roundup. I’ve included all the regular veg news and recipes to hopefully inspire and inform you on this Friday. But I’ve also decided to add in a few more things I’m ‘feeling’ this week.  Some jeans that I can’t take off my body made the list, a cute little office space that is inspiring me as I scheme of turning my guest bedroom into an office for myself, and a patch that gives off an internal empowering message.

If you guys dig this sort of thing let me know. I’ve got plenty more ‘lifestyle’ such things I’m totally crushing on this week, and every week, that I can include.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Anything coconut sounds amazing lately, esp this Slow Cooker Coconut Quinoa Curry from Simply Quinoa.

This article popped up in my search for the week’s vegan news, later I realized it was from my own city. A nice read on an unlikely vegan transformation.

LOVE a slow cooker meal on a cold night, esp since you can make them quicker in the instant pot.

Trader Joe’s is bringing out a bunch of vegan holiday options. Among them, the Almond Nog sounds fantastic.

Little spaces like this just scream out ‘come cook in me!’.

Sometimes I love little patches and pins like this, if only as a message to myself- as if saying, ‘I’m peaceful to all beings.’

A little science behind the choices we make everday in veganism.

I’ve been catching up on Alli Cherry’s on YT this week, her recent ‘low waste kitchen tour’ and ‘zero waste fridge tour‘ where esp great.

I made this recipe on insta stories this week, topping it off with tempeh and Brussel sprouts for a full meal.

These jeans are the perfect mix of classic and cool, plus I know I’ll wear them non-stop for years to come- a good thing for creating less waste. I got ‘Coyote Desert‘ but might need them in ‘Classic Tint’ too…

The best vegan options from Buzzfeed’s ‘Bring Me’ series. Are you hungry yet?

If you’re looking for a quick thought provoking read, add this to your list. Always nice to expand your horizions on the animal rights movement.

I am SO feeling this sort of casual yet pulled together look lately, and feel like this space exudes the same feeling, designed yet comfortable.

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