Congrats you made it to Friday! Every Friday I gather together all the latest veg news, inspiring recipes, things I’m loving, and more all in one place for you. This week I’ve got a good serving of news and inspiration to carry you through the weekend.

If you’re just here for the links, keep on scrolling my friend! I’ve got you covered below.

Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts from The Food Charlatan roasted with a special ingredient.

In a hurried morning rush I threw frozen veggies, (broccoli, corn, cauliflower, red peppers, etc.) and a Hilary’s ‘World’s Best Veggie Burger‘ together before work. It actually turned out tasting really great microwaved with a little ketchup at lunch time. Super quick, super cheap eats for the win.

I LOVE a recipe that looks delicious but doesn’t have a ton of ingredients. These Roasted Beetroot Falafels are just that type of week night recipe.

A really great read from my 1st love, NPR, about communicating with omnivores.

I recently became obsessed with packing cubes, they make life 10x’s easier when traveling. I even use one for snacks and dried foods like oats and nuts (which I keep in stasher bags) while on the road.

Adding red wine vinegar to your roasty sweet potatoes and brussels sounds like a great idea!

I’m doing a Q&A podcast with Monique of Brown Vegan. Time’s still available to go ask a Q if you want an A from us.

This huge makeup brand is already cruelty free but has now pledged to be 100% vegan by 2020. I’m on board!

Everyone at my office is sick, so I’ve been carrying around this guy and filling it up more than ever. Drinking a ton of water helps flush the toxins and helps keep your immune system running smoothly.

Hormone balancing plant foods, just ignore the honey rec’d in the article.

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