Hello and Welcome to mid October. This week I’m craving all the winter roasted veggies, some positivity, and who am I kidding, a little dessert. In this week’s round up I’ve got you covered with all the fall cravings below.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

This Well And Full Kale Salad Bowl looks like a fall dream, roasted veg, hearty greens, and of course avo.

This hedgehog knows how to live life.

This big celeb just invested in Beyond Meat. He not only invested financially but also having a ‘big’ name associated helps get the plant meat more press, which is always a good thing. (An honest Beyond Burger review HERE.)

Will you try this sushi alternative? I would for sure.

Any dessert that has simple ingredients I already stock in my pantry and looks as good as these gets a big thumbs up in my book.

As I’m anticipating winter, a cold, grey existance in Ohio, I’m taking vitamin D. If you see the sun less often you should supplement. It helps with a positive mood, energy levels, and bone health. I take this one, it’s fairly inexpensive and vegan.

Vegan and gf cupcakes at Starbucks, yes, it’s true! You can let Starbucks know you want the cruelty free cakes at your location too.

A nice message for today.

I really don’t like when people use the term ‘detox’ becasue it implys we need to detox and ‘cleanse’ which I don’t think is true. But, this salad bowl still looks delicious.

I just got back into my winter night time moisturizer and my skin is loving it. It smells so fresh and light, really moisturizes, and is vegan and cruelty free.

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