When you read this I’ll be part way into a long van road trip with a whole bunch of snacks. We’re off on another adventure, and I’ve packed the Harvest Quinoa Salad from last week’s roundup to keep us fueled. Do you have any big plans for the weekend? I’m trying to get fun stuff in before the snow hits, supposedly it’s going to be a super cold and snowy winter.  But you didn’t come here to talk about the weather..scroll on down my friend.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Summer Rolls from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Last weekend, on a date night I had Summer Rolls for the first time in forever. I’ll be using this recipe to make my own.

Here’s a nice write up on Moby, a famous vegan and advocate, about how he’s helping turn Ladybird resturant vegan. Really, I just like how he talks about expanding his horizions of food when he went vegan. It happened to me too!

Can you train yourself to eat spicy food?

Now that the temps are turning colder I’m back to my winter moisturizer. It smells so fresh, locks in moisture, and doesn’t clog your pores. All the things I ask for in skin care.

Sign me up for this oil free Crispy Southern Fried Tofu.

Vegan vending machines are coming out where? This sounds amazing even if its not something you would use all the time.

Everyone’s talking about CriagRobinson going vegan and losing 50lbs. I want to highlight how he said ‘It’s much easier than i thought it would be, its amazing.’ Wise words!

I’m thinking about decorating my home office and this sloth art is calling to me. Yay or nay?

It’s so wonderful to see historical veggies being planted in the DC War Garden.

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