Its been a tough week. Below is a quote that I saw online that is a small piece on how I feel on the whole subject. I doodled it up becasue its a powerful statement- power to girls and women everywhere. Feel free to take it and make it your desktop background, or share it on social media. (Do people still do desktop backgrounds or am I just old school?)


Here’s a few links from around the web that I’m enjoying right now.

I’m reading this book, its pretty good, but this one was my most recent favorite. I read it in 6 days.

You wouldn’t think something as simple as the ‘one minute rule‘ can make your life so much easier.

This is an AWESOME piece that I actually watched more than once- 15 mins is all it takes to watch it through.

Don’t hate, meditate. This free app has helped me bunches.

This 35 year old brand has some new stuff up its sleeve for vegans.

Some people are upset with this new doc, some think its brilliant. Which side are you on?

This fall weather makes me want to curl up on the couch with this soup all day long.

The videos this vegan couple makes are some of my very favorite.

This week’s podcast guest and a guest from 3 weeks ago both spoke on a panel together at Seed Summit. Funny coincidence.

Make this weekend great.

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