Hello out there! I took a few weeks off from posting roundups becasue I simply felt uninspired. Now, I’m back and feel more inspired than ever. The seasons are changing, there should be a chill in the air, there’s new foods coming into season and new inspiration is coming at ya. I’m really inspired to wear cozy sweaters, eat some chili, sweet potato dishes, and drink tea. We’re planning a lot of fall camping and one of the best things is coming up with a camping menu, so I’m excited to see what I can concoct for fall dining in just a primitive ‘kitchen’.

If you’re just here for the links, scroll on down. Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!
The BIGGEST news this past week (just kidding, but not really) was that certain Pizza Hut’s in the UK are getting vegan cheese.  The thing is, that Pizza Hut has a bunch of vegan options already. Here’s a full list, and don’t worry the cinnamon sticks WITH icing are vegan!

The best article I’ve ever seen about ‘getting jacked and going vegan‘ from a non vegan source. This article is smartly written, dispels common myths- like soy/man boobs, and gives good advice when it comes to changing your diet. A good read for anyone, even if you don’t want to ‘get jacked’.

These beet chips sound blasé, but they are honestly my new favorite snack. You know I LOVE that crunch, plus the ‘naked’ ones are just that- no oil, no salt, just beets with a crunchy sweet flavor.

A friend recently shared this article, and it’s SO true. Last year I made a pact to do more, get outside more, and just say yes. It was one of the best summer’s of my life becasue I did ‘more’ but this message still resonates. Read this article and get inspired, take this thinking into the weekend with you.

Someone was asking me, ‘what do vegans put in tacos??’ recently. Here’s a few recipes I sent him. Minimalist Baker’s Cauliflower & Chipotle Romesco Tacos, Minimalist Baker 1 Pot Barbacoa, Cauliflower Chickpea Tacos w Mango Salsa, and Smokey Tempeh Tostadas from Emilie Eats.

Nathan Runkle of Mercy for Animals was on the podcast this week. His new book is a great read if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet.

Simple gold chains are so chic right now, I can’t stop wearing the Circle Choker Necklace from vegan jewelry maker Jewels by SJB.  It’s nice to find something that’s your style but is made from a vegan artisan who shares the same values as you.

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