Welcome to another Weekend Roundup. Last week I was gallivanting around one of the mecca’s of veganism, Toronto. Which had more vegan restaurants and shops than you could ever imagine. A full report on all the Toronto fun will be on the podcast shortly, including meeting up with a few people at the Vegan Fest Toronto.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Canada is looking to eliminate dairy as a food group. Isn’t Canada just awesome?

I’m big on the recipe cooking this week, getting back to having more structured meals after eating a bunch of junk food on our trip to Toronto. This bowl looks beautiful and sounds delicious.

A helpful article on foods with the elusive B12.

Russell Simmons, Mya, & Waka Flocka sit down to discuss what made them go vegan, an interesting listen.

A fun ‘How Vegan Are you Quiz?’ from the master of quiz’s Buzzfeed.

My grandma is known for her cooking, baking, and general kitchen prowess. It’s her birthday this weekend so I sent her The First Mess Cookbook by former podcast guest Laura Wright. Her recipes are some of my favorites, they just make me think comfort in a healthy way.

This cruise line is now offering a full vegan menu with 250 options and a smoothie bar for mornings. Nice to see people getting on board the vegan boat. (See what I did there?)

After reporting that I was trying the Beyond Meat burger on insta-stories last week I had a lot of questions about how it was. Here is a great write up about what its like eating this VERY real fake meat. Since the article was written a little bit ago, the burgers and chicken are now available in grocery stores across the US.

The deal of Amazon buying Whole Foods just officially went through, Amazon said they will lower prices by Monday.

Minimalist Baker’s Pesto recipe was the reoccurring theme on our recent trip with our newly vegan friends- they swear by this recipe. As soon as we got home I had to make it, new flash it is AMAZING.

What’s your stance on the Daiya cheese controversy? I’m doing an episode on my stance coming up in a week or two. I haven’t seen many others with my same thinking on the topic so I think it will be nice to get out there.

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