Happy Friday guys! Another weekend is here, so you need to catch up on what happened in this week’s veg news. I’ve got you covered!

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

How gorgeous is this zero waste pantry? #goals

Finding non leather purses that are in season, on trend, AND high quality can be a little tough. I have my eye on this guy but can’t decide on the color yet.

An interesting read on the term ‘vegan’ spiking in Google searches. Check out what Google is doing about it.

The vegan and dairy free options for yogurts and cheeses is blowing up lately with more options than ever. Check out this brand new vegan squeezable yogurt.

Yesterday was ‘National S’mores Day’, here is 14 ways to eat vegan s’mores.

Game of Thrones Actress Nathalie Emmanuel is vegan! yah!

This classic video is always a good reminder on why dairy is not for humans.

This ‘vegan meal’ is sadly the reality at some restaurants, the good thing is this post went viral so hopefully restaurants see the error in their ways.

I always take a ‘vegan celeb’ with a grain of salt but it’s cool to see Ne-Yo talk about how much ‘What the Health’ impacted him.

Ana Alarcón is back on the podcast sharing her top 4 tips for getting into vegan fitness. Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud.

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