Welcome to your Friday! This week’s roundup includes a little bit of everything from vegan news to zero waste to donuts. Obviously a good mix is what us ‘practical vegans’ are all about.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

An interesting read on a new restaurant who is purposefully steering away from using the word vegan because of the ‘stigma’ of vegan food. What do you think?

This Runner’s World article has the author arguing with his 2010, pre vegan self about protein, calcium, and inflammation, basically all the questions other people ask you when you go vegan. I like the comparison that you can have strong opinions and they can change, as this guy is literally talking with himself.

After so much positive feedback on the ‘Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty’ podcast episode I’m going to share more skin care & beauty rec’s on insta more often. After being in the sun a ton this summer, I can’t get enough of this ‘after sun’ serum, although to be honest I use it on days I don’t get sun too.

I’ve read all about the science behind this dairy free half and half, it’s fascinating how they created a cruelty free version that supposedly tastes EXACTLY the same. Now it’s finally hitting stores.

Always working on my zero waste efforts, these glass food storage containers are turning out to be some of my most used in my newly non-plastic storage options. The size is basically perfect for most anything you need, lunch, a smoothie bowl, leftovers, etc.

Even if you don’t go to Portland to eat at this all vegan donut shop you can still internet lust over these amazing sounding flavors.

My cousin asked for some cookbook recommendations because she’s thinking about going vegan. (YAY!) I always recommend people this one, and this one.  The second of which, although there are much newer books, I cooked out of for months when I first went vegan.

12 natural beauty products that are trending on pinterest. (Not 100% cruelty free, but it’s nice to see some CF & vegan products tending as ‘popular’.)

Foods you think are healthy but actually aren’t..

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