Summer is the best time in the world.  You have access to tons of fresh fruit and veggies from the garden, farmers market, and even just in-season goods from the grocery. A vegans dream! You can be outside doing all sorts of activities. Like below, I went to a rock quarry filled with fresh water that you can swim in. You jump off different cliffs to get into the water and it is mandatory to swim on a raft because it’s 55 feet deep and can be hard to get out of the quarry. Adventure! The sun is always out in summer and you literally have more daylight hours in the day.  What could be better?

If you’re just here for this week’s vegan new roundup, here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!


Big news this week is about the ‘humane milk is a myth‘ ad. If you haven’t seen it or heard about it, do it! I think it is a giant win for people trying to get the truth about about the treatment of animals.  It’s very black and white, the text says all you need to know about how cows are treated. Simple, with great graphics, hopefully more people realize the truth. (Here’s another article on the ad.)

I’ll be at the Pittsburgh VegFest next weekend! Let me know if you’ll be there too & we can say hi!

A really fantastic story about a beef farmer who decided that it was too much to kill cows he grew to love and sent his whole heard to a sanctuary. He’s now switching into a vegan job!

This week’s podcast was all about cruelty free beauty, which you guys loved (thanks guys!). This is my favorite cruelty free & Vegan mascara, it actually stays on and does a bangin’ job of lengthening.

Fake foods are all around us, sometimes you hear about fake sushi, or fake olive oil but this NYPost piece really lays out all of the fakes in our food system.  Honestly, it’s horrifying whether you eat any of those ‘products’ or not.

This Cauliflower Mango Taco recipe sounds really delicious, not sure what kind of ‘yogurt’ the recipe uses as a topping but you can skip that unless you have coconut yogurt or something. 🙂

Bike riding is something that makes me feel like my best self, it’s just so freeing. So when I found this story about elderly people getting to go on bike rides I absolutely fell in love. Since the story has gone viral they’ve been able to purchase 2 more of the special bikes.

An open letter written to all restaurateurs from a vegan was going crazy with comments in one of my vegan groups. A lot of different opinions are floating around on it, what do you think?

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