At the beginning of June I introduced a ‘Hot Summer Goals‘ Challenge. The purpose was to be more productive, waste less time, and get OUT and do fun things.  For me it was getting outside, adventuring, hiking, paddle boarding.  As we’re nearing the end of July I have made so many changes in structuring my day and how I think about my time, that it’s seriously crazy.  We bought an adventure van, have gone on a road trip almost every single weekend, and I’ve gotten so many, still secret, podcast things underway.

I wanted to give you guys an update on my ‘HSG’ becasue I know so many of you told me you were joining in on the challenge. I really think it’s been one of the best summers of my life. Hopefully, you’re feeling the same way.

If you’re just here for this week’s vegan new roundup, here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

A really fantastic article about a woman who was researching pork and become a vegan. This article raises a lot of great logical comparisons, why eat certain ‘edible’ animals and not all animals?

I just found this couple on youtube and am totally inspired by their travels.

Have you tried the lime flavor of SeaSnax? A friend brought them to work and I’ve totally fallen in love.

Vegan vending machines filled with lentils, chia pudding and zucchini noodles could be on the horizon. Would you trust a vending machine with your lunch?

After searching for what felt like forever I finally found a straw top reusable water bottle that hit all the marks.  Stainless steel, holds lots of liquid, neutral color, plus it comes with multiple lids so I can switch it out. I got the army green one. #PlasticFreeJuly

Mayor of the ‘fattest city’ agrees to Pamela Anderson’s challenge to go vegan. The mayor, Chokwe Lumumba, not only agreed but also challenged the state’s governor to go vegan as well.

Drooling over these ‘Lemon Blueberry Fat Bites‘ from ‘Up Beet & Kaleing It’. 100% making these for my road trip this weekend.

Refinery29 always has well thought out articles, I like this ‘I‘m Vegan & Here Are the 7 Questions I wish People Would Stop Asking‘ article. Although, I will admit I was a little sad with how the article ended…

Kind Kravings, a Kansas based vegan food truck, received an anonymous $500 tip in their tip jar.  What they did with it is just glorious! (Also, they serve cinnamon roll pancakes on the truck….)

Stephen Colbert asks Woody Harrelson how to go vegan, they have a great conversation here.

A friend was asking about switching over to cruelty free & vegan deodorant, I highly recommend this one for anyone making the initial switch.

Yes or no to fake meats? All the ins and outs of the faux animal products plus someone being bullied in a vegan group this week on the podcast.  Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud.

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