I’ve been doing a ton of travel and have been busier than ever lately, so it feels good to sit down and put together some of the week’s vegan news. It’s a ritual I quite like, taking in the week’s happenings, gathering together some things that are working for me or things I’m eating in my kitchen that are too good to not pass on. I’m so glad you guys like these posts becasue I really like making them too.

If you haven’t heard the news on why I’ve been so busy lately, check it out here. I’m going to be talking all about it in this week’s podcast.  Spilling the beans on why we made this big commitment and what I’m planning on doing with it in the future.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Have you heard about all the internet arguing going on around the movie ‘What the Health’? Get filled in and read an awesome rebuttal here to ‘ZDoggMD’.

Alli Cherry, who’s been on the podcast before, introduced me to this compostable phone case that is actually cute! What a fantastic idea for #PlasticFreeJuly

Digital nomads who are also vegan animal activists, my kinda people!

Have I wrote about how much I’m loving collard wraps this summer yet? These babies are a great jumping off point if you haven’t collard wrapped before.

This video titled ‘Watch Kids Get Tricked into Eating Vegan Food‘ is an interesting study of human behavior.  They all come preconditioned with expectations of ‘vegan food’ and even through the food is great they still ‘feel sad’ for vegans at the end. Very similar to a lot of adults reactions. It takes more time and research than just ‘eating good food’.

Portland Oregon is known for their food trucks, now Portland Maine is getting in on the action with a fleet of vegan food trucks.

Salads like this, full of flavor and crunch, just get me. Everyone loves them and they keep well in the fridge, a win all around.

This Long Island grocery is getting a lot of press becasue it will be the first all vegan grocery of its kind in the area.

Bike riding for transportation and for fun have to be one of my favorite things ever, this article about riding on the road is a great read into the psychology of drivers who deal with cyclists. A good read for drivers as well as riders.

The BBC is profiling a former beef farmer who has sent 63 cows to sanctuary in favor of vegan farming. Good on him!

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