Hello and welcome to another Weekend Roundup.  Did you read that in my podcast voice? Because I totally wrote it with the podcast voice in my head, ha. If you listened to the ‘Hot Summer Goals‘ episode at the beginning of June you know I have been working on getting stuff done and making more time for adventure in my life. I challenged you guys to do the same, be productive and make time for more things you want to do. You can read all about it here.

Since today is the very last day of June, the last day of the challenge, I’ll be doing an update on how it went in next week’s podcast. There’s something BIG, that I haven’t shared anywhere yet, that I did to up the ante on adventure. You guys I’m SOOOO excited to share with you what it is. If you have any guesses leave them below, until then I’ll leave you in suspense.

If you’re just here for all the veg news, Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

Over on instagram I’m doing a GIVEAWAY with JewelsbySJB. Enter to win a 14k gold ‘V’ for vegan necklace that is dainty and pretty yet still shows your vegan pride. I reached out to Sue, the creator, to do a giveaway because I thought you guys would like her jewelry as much as I do.

A new gadget, the ‘Ally‘, tests for the presence of milk in food, made for traveling vegetarians, vegans, and lactose intolerant people. Even though it doesn’t test for eggs, its still so exciting that people are taking the time to create such things with vegans in mind.

There’s been a lot of rumblings in the vegan world about the movie ‘Okja‘, have you seen it yet?

Famed vegan mayo brand Hampton Creek is growing lab meat, hoping to debut next year. Hampton Creek pulled their cells from plants so technically its 100% vegan. How do you feel about lab meat?

I just got some Teva’s for summer adventuring, (you know we just got paddle boards!), and have been recommending them to anyone with ears lately. Most all styles are vegan, they have a long history of making functional sandals, & they are super comfy for hiking or walking etc. I got my husband these traditional ones, and myself a newer style.

Taco Bell’s vegan rice is back….thank god.

I know it’s ridiculous to have a favorite coconut water, but we’ve been making daily smoothie bowls with coconut water and this one is far and above my favorite. It has nothing added- no sugar, no natural flavors. It’s the only one out there I can find that’s simply coconut water.

6% of the US now identifies as vegan, up from 1% in 2014! Talk about some vegan gains.

Have you tried these ‘Breakfast Bites‘, you can only get them in bulk online, but they sell them at Whole Foods as well. Fair warning, if you try them once you WILL get addicted.

In the last few days there have been multiple trucks crashing carrying pigs, this one shut down I-45 when the tractor trailer tipped and the pigs were set free. See the video here. It’s very interesting because these pigs have literally NEVER been outside before.   All for the sake a some food we do not need that is literally cancerous for our bodies.

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