We recently purchased paddle boards.  They are literally the most fun ever! Its fulfilling my #HotSummerGoals of getting out there and doing more, plus I get to hang with my husband and get a tan at the same time! Score.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!
If you need a little cuteness in your life, this fox rescued from a fur farm has the most positive attitude.

Yesterday was my 5 year wedding anniversary, hear how my husband inspired me to go vegan over here.

Whoa! Earth Island, who makes ‘Follow Your Heart’ brand vegan foods has been named the first vegan zero waste manufacturing facility.

This pea based yogurt from Ripple is getting a LOT of attention for its lack of ‘pea taste’. Even Food & Wine covered the story. The brand claims the product uses 93% less water than dairy milk, & 85% less water than almond milk.

One of my friends just got this book and is physced on it, its an oldie but an always goodie. I keep this on the counter top for nights when I can’t think of something to make for dinner.

The title of this article ‘How to be a Cool Vegan‘ seems like sort of a cop out? The article actually interviews a couple of ‘cool’ people, ahem Isa Chandra, and offers good advice and interesting tales.

This stuff is the bomb.com for summer skin hydration. I’ve literally been running through the bottle, but it has totally changed my skin to more glowly, and hydrated, which makes me feel better in my natural skin.

Did you hear the breaking news that National grocer Kroger now has their own vegan ice cream? The world is a changin’!

Super interesting to hear what people are eating before a run during an all vegan race, everything from PB toast to lemon water and all sorts of potions.

Have you heard this week’s Q&A podcast? I’m answering all of your questions. Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud.

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