Hello! Summer is officially here with it’s hot weather, delicious fruits and outdoor activities. I’m soaking them all in. I just returned from a long weekend with my family in a state park where we ate lots of Basil Lime Fruit Salad, went paddle boarding and boating, and stocked up on the SPF. This week’s roundup is a collection of summer stuff & the latest vegan news.

Below you can see my husband and I tubbing last weekend, obviously we’re pros.  Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.  Enjoy!

What do you think about ditching cars and riding cargo bikes? This piece from Wired makes the argument with lots of valuable information on who/what/why. Personally, I’d love to live in a bike-able city.

A vegan preschool & kindergarten is coming to Cincinnati!! This sort of reality based learning centered on animals and plants is exactly how we should talk to kids.

What The Health, a plant based documentary is now streaming on Netflix starting today.

Collard wraps are so good when the weather turns hot. This recipe is bomb plus its super easy and you could sub in anything you have in the fridge.

Starbucks debuted 4 coconut milk based summer drinks, called ‘Cups of Kindness‘. They are only in Starbucks until June 19th, so go get one now. I’m particularly into trying the ‘Violet Drink’ a mix of hibiscus tea, coconut milk and ice.

Julie Piatt’s new book ‘This Cheese is Nuts‘ is having it’s moment on the internet. Any book where we can ditch that notion that dairy = cheese is awesome. Julie & Rich Roll’s first book is great too.

These 7 vegan memes are too true. I think all of these things has happened to me..more than once.

Summer activities call for sunscreen, I like this vegan & cruelty free sunscreen.  Its gentle & safe while still being very effective at shielding you from the suns harsh rays.

Looking for something to make for a Father’s Day dinner? This Sweet Pea & Basil Pesto Fettuccine is a crowd pleaser.  If worst comes to worst just bring him some vegan donuts, becasue everyone loves donuts!

Miss out on this week’s Podcast? This week Brittany Jaroudi talks about her incredible health change from switching to a vegan diet. Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud.

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