Welcome to another Weekend Roundup where I corral the week’s vegan news, best recipes, and other inspiring junk all in one place. If you ever want to see what else I’m crushing on, you can find my pinterest here, which is basically like a brain dump. So welcome to my brain, it’s a little crazy here.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week. Happy Friday!Here’s what I look like when browsing the web- a little confused and always with white sneakers. ha.

Have you heard of this trend of not getting your period on purpose? I guess Freelee is pushing this as ‘clean’ and ‘healthy’ now… WTH?
*Not all vegans, as the article states, are pushing this.  It is not healthy, not normal, and can be a sign of much greater problems.

This quote is speaking to me right now! Find your tribe!

If you make it through the first semi-annoying section of this article then it’s actually pretty interesting how this guy went vegan 5 weeks before a marathon.

Everyone Shampoo is cruelty free, duh, and is my new fav simply becasue it smells so dang good and it works.

Everyone is always asking me about plant care- this article is a great guide for easy indoor plants.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are making news for their all vegan night at the stadium on Sept 26th. Buffalo cauliflower, sweet potato tacos, and more will be served at the all vegan baseball game.

Have you been to any of the ‘Best Vegan Cities‘ in the US? I was way surprised by number 10.

Sweet potato tater tots…need I say more? If so, they seem super easy with only a few ingredients and the green sauce looks like the perfect pairing.

Every good vegan needs an avocado pin on their jean jacket. Am I right?

Have you heard this week’s podcast with Marina of Soul in the Raw? I finally address why raw foods haven’t been a topic on the show before. Hear the whole thing on iTunes or on Soundcloud.

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  1. I love the variety of your weekend roundups, Alyssa! I was especially happy to learn about the Pirates’ vegan night–my mom and I just bought tickets!

    One suggestion: could you make it so that your links open in a new tab? Right now, when I click on your links it navigates me away from your page. I think it will help your readers easily switch back and forth from your page to your links if you change that setting. Thanks!

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