It’s finally farmers market season again. The farmers market feels like a warm hug, it’s so comforting to be surrounded by other plant freaks. Most other people don’t want to talk about plant varieties and how this year’s weather affected the peach trees. Yet people at the farmers market do! They want to discuss ways to use cinnamon basil and when is best to harvest microgreens. It’s seriously the BEST!

There’s a few things in life that just make me feel like my best self, the farmers market is right up there in the top 3. If you haven’t tired out a local market, do it! You’ll learn so much about local fruits and veggies and get inspired to use them in new ways in your kitchen. It’s a vegan jackpot.

If you’re not here to hear about my crush on the farmers market, Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week. Happy Friday!

Former podcast guest & my friend Erin was on Vice News protesting a circus that came through town.  It’s so cool to see someone you know on mainstream media spreading the word about animal cruelty! Go Erin!

I recently gave into the hype of these EatingEVOLVED Coconut Butter Cups, honestly.. they are SO good! Rich and creamy and the inside just melts in your mouth.

NPR is always reporting unbiased fair news on things that matter. This piece they did on why Americans are drinking less milk is definitely worth a listen. Yay Plant Milk!

People magazine is featuring Sarah Goodenough in their magazine and website for losing 141lbs on a vegan diet. Pretty cool to see someone featured on that large of a platform promoting veganism.

Now that it’s SPF season I’ve been relying on this light Almond-Aloe Earth Science Moisturizer. Its an SPF 15, doesn’t clog your pores and protects your skin with out an SPF smell. Plus its obviously cruelty free and vegan.

A book that offers vegan and gluten free recipes is right up my alley lately, I just got this Deliciously Ella cookbook and am loving it. Gorgeous photos, healthy foods, and easy to follow recipes.

If you’re looking to ‘up’ your oatmeal game Faring-Well has got you covered with 6 different ways to do plant based oats.

This easy breezy dining room seems like the perfect place to eat breakfast and drink iced coffee. And this kitchen would be a great place to prepare said breakfast, so fresh and so clean!

Have you heard this week’s podcast about how I ended up in a Steakhouse? I found myself shifting through emotions while in the smoky dark restaurant and something weird happened. Hear the whole story on iTunes or on Soundcloud.

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