Below is an actual representation of what I look like when blogging, podcasting, and doing general Live Planted stuff. Dead plants, hunchy back, but also great morning light and copious amounts of coffee. I’ll work on the dead plants thing, this is ‘Live Planted’ after all.

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week. Enjoy!
The perfect answer to those pesky ‘Can you eat this?’ questions that vegans always get.

SeaWorld’s last orca was just born, it’s horrible and awful and downright sad. Peep the video here.

Pus in your milk? Calcium from dairy? A quick explanation in this article.

THIS is why its scary to do internet research these days. Thankfully some people are willing to fit the big guys putting out scare-tatics data on dairy, and the misinformation on dairy is backfiring.

The Minimalist Baker does it again (and again and again, can she do no wrong?) with this Sweet Potato and Kale Breakfast Mash.

An interesting guide on ‘How You Can Spring Clean Your Vegan Diet‘ by adding in more greens and such. It’s always good to get back to basics.

I’m looking for a lightweight reusable water bottle that isn’t plastic and has a fliptop. This one has made the long list, along with this one. If you have any you love send them my way.

Aquafaba is having a moment, again, according to npr.

Have you heard this week’s podcast about getting inspired and having FUN in the kitchen with Lauren of Flora & Vino? Check it on itunes here or Soundcloud here.

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