Here’s a long ‘Weekend Roundup’ list today.  There’s a lot going on in veg news, and I felt really inspired this week. I hope these articles, recipes, and recommendations help you feel inspired on this bright spring weekend!

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.Wally the pig, what a handsome guy.

It’s nice to hear a celebrity wanting you to go vegan based on climate change and not your waistline.

This group at University of Iowa was formed for vegan discussion. Personally, I think one of the best things you can do when going vegan is have a buddy do it with you. We should have these groups in all cities. (Also, ignore the part about someone being allergic to beans in the story…these people are new.)

This new veg cookbook is soo gorgeous! Plus the author has been on the podcast before, whoot whoot! (I have to tell you ‘off air’ she’s super nice and friendly, just as you probably assumed.)

Hello CNN promoting veganism! Here’s why they say going vegan is ‘one of the most powerful choices an individual can make.’

Wally the pig was on his way to slaughter and fought like heck to escape.  Such amazing courage, all caught on tape, and thankfully it’s matched with a happy ending.

Honestly this one fact is all you need to know that what we’re doing isn’t ‘normal’, ‘sustainable’, or ‘humane’. Dairy is scary guys!

As an aspiring ‘zero waster’, this ‘Buy Me Once‘ website seems pretty intriguing. Although, note that it’s not all vegan products…lots of wool and leather which is not sustainable. It’s more the idea of the website that intrigues me.

Speaking of zero waste these walnut sponges seem like a good upgrade on my normal non compostable sponges.

Should you purchase vegan products from non vegan companies? Weighing in on this debate.

This kitchen, filled with bright light and jarred goods is right up my alley, plus the whole place is so cool! (Also, this ‘outbuilding’ kitchen, and this ‘overhaul’ kitchen are inspiring me to get in my kitchen.)

Did you know there’s a Live Planted Facebook? I’m upping the game over there and posting more often, go check it out.

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