Spring is here and its my freakin’ favorite. The sunshine, the bike riding, the fresh foods. I want to go on a bunch of road trips, get hiking in some new spots. It’s just the best. There is something about the sunshine that makes you expediently happier. Plus of course when you’re vegan and a plant eater all the fresh fruits and veg start to come back in season.  If you’re just here to hear about the links and not all the fresh foods I’m excited about, here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

This very popular major league baseball stadium will now serve vegan burgers, add it to the list of MLB Stadiums that are vegan friendly.

The worlds biggest vegan store just opened in this city, are you close to it?

What do you think of this policy for ‘no cows milk bottle feed babies‘ in the ‘El Vergel de Tarragona restaurant? I think we can’t shy away from inviting in non-vegans to a vegan spot. We should be able to bring our non vegan friends and family to a restaurant without them having to change their behaviors.  I think it shines a bad light on vegans, that we’re strict and stringent and non inclusive. Yes, I wouldn’t feed cows milk to my baby, but it’s your baby so it’s your prerogative. Do you agree or have a different opinion?

I’ve been really getting into ‘zero waste’ practices lately and switched over to these biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. I really love them, plus obviously they are good for the earth.

This SNL writer and comedian performed on ‘Late Night’ where he talked about being vegan, pretty cool to see veganism talked about in such a wide audience.

Love a good Sweet Potato Soul video, her ‘What I Eat in a Day‘ vids are my fav.  She eats real foods that feel familiar yet a little something extra.

30 Vegan Easter Recipes if you need a little last minute inspiration.

Did you hear this week’s Live Planted Podcast on slowing down in the modern go-go-go hustle? Listen on iTunes or SoundCloud here.

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