I can’t believe we’re back in these deep winter temps again, I’m still working on my goal of getting outside to move as much as possible. It seems to keep me much happier when I get in the fresh air to get moving.  (Below I’m crossing a stream that connects two local hiking trails.) Although I can’t wait for spring! Hoping to have some good gardening and foraging content for the show this spring.

Here’s some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

The food processor is my very favorite vegan kitchen gadget, I started with the mini and graduated to the real deal with this one.

The food processor is perfect for ‘5 Minute Vegan Sauces’, also aren’t these videos so satisfying?

Ah, to be making those 5 min sauces in this super fresh, super relaxing kitchen.

This new food documentary just came out yesterday, I’m excited to have friends over and watch it together!

You guys know I’m an introvert, if you are too, how true are all of these??

Have you heard of bullet journaling? Basically its a creative way to set goals, corral to-do lists, and keep yourself organized. Since I’m a #goalgal and a list freak, I’m jumping on board. I just got this and this to get started. (If you start too, tag me I want to see your creations!)

An interesting article on vegans in pro-wrestling. Who knew so many ‘macho’ men and super fit ladies were plant eaters?

I just talked about this cruelty free winter face cream on instagram, but it’s seriously saving my soul right now in the freezing temps.

How did I miss this Nice Cream Food Truck when I was just in Miami? No!!

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup.”

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you were on goodreads ? I would be interested in seeing what you read, especially the vegan-related books!

    1. Hi Lucie! Thanks for asking, im not on goodreads but I post about books I’m reading on instagram and during the podcast: instagram.com/LivePlanted Hope that helps!

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