As soon as March hits every year I’m more than ready for spring. Spring means being outside, bike riding, gardening, and farmers markets.  My love of farmers markets is pretty serious. When I’m at the market I feel productive and so happy. The market I go to is semi-small, yet it’s 90% produce. The sellers are all real farmers, there isn’t any of that ‘reselling’ of grocery store produce. The farmers talk to you about the day’s selection, how the season is going and what to expect coming soon. Plus if you make friends with the farmers they will make deals with you, hold veggies aside for you, and greet you with big smiles every week.

I’ve previously talked about my love of the farmers market on the podcast with Timothy of Mississippi Vegan and again this week with Olympia Auset of SÜPRMARKT. It’s just a place in which you can experience local eats and community. If you haven’t scoped out a local market do some googling, it’s so worth a trip.

Below are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

Photo of a winter market my husband visited on one of his recent travels.

These piglets experienced being outside for the very first time, so cool to witness.

This 12 year old activist is killin’ it! He started spreading the word to eat healthy at 9. LOVE the quote they end the article with.

I get asked what to use in place of honey all the time, here are 6 alternatives to get your sweet fix.

Personally, I don’t like articles like this. They call veganism a ‘diet’ and only try it out for 7 days before drawing conclusions. (Dairy doesn’t leave your system for 2-4 weeks after you stop ingesting it.) Would you try weight lifting for 7 days and say you’re a body builder? I think not.

I’m working to be less attached to my phone, this would be fun for on the spot photos.

Not sure what I think about this women and her actions against chickens. What do you think?

I won’t buy one time use water bottles and have been looking for a new reusable water bottle.  This one fits the bill, neutral looking, not a screw off top, and reasonably priced. Let me know if you have something you really like, I’m open to suggestions.

Congrats to former podcast guest Laura Wright, her amazing looking cook book just came out.

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