If you pay close attention to the podcast you’ll know that there wasn’t an episode this week.  This decision was spurred by a few reasons. I believe the podcast needs to come out at the same time every week so people know when they can tune in.  I work hard to be very consistent with my posting.  Last week, I was feeling called to add in some information about collagen, a ‘beauty protein’ that’s having its moment on the internet.  As always, I want to present the information in the easiest way so you can take some knowledge away from the episode. I just wasn’t finished with the episode and didn’t want to put up something I wasn’t 100% happy with.

In the past I would have stayed up until all hours editing, feeling frustrated and tired.  Now I’ve come to a place where I know people won’t forget about Live Planted, they can wait another week for a quality episode. (If you notice I’ve been working to increase the quality and editing every week.) Also, I was so busy moving forward on what ‘needs to happen’ to get the episode out, that I totally almost missed the fact that this was going to be the 50th episode.  Doh! We’re now having a slight re-arrange to bring out the ’50th Episode Extravaganza’ this week.

Why am I telling you all of this behind the scenes stuff?  A. I think behind the scenes info is interesting, hearing about all the hard work and time that goes into each episode makes it more valuable and you feel like you’re more a part of the process.  Plus it’s kind of interesting to hear that I totally almost biffed on the 50th episode! And B. becasue I am so thankful for you guys, you loyal listeners and you one time listeners.  One of the reasons I felt comfortable skipping an episode is becasue I know that you guys are enjoying the episodes. You guys are listening right at 7am when I make the episodes live, you guys are writing me emails that you love the practical approach. I felt confident that we’ve developed enough of a rapport that you’ll come back next week. So thank you guys for coming back again and again to hear what I have to say each week in the podcast. It really means the world.

If you’re just here for the links, below are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

This chicken wearing pants is so funny.

I’m obsessed with these little bliss balls right now, you can’t go wrong with pb coconut.

Animals are so much smarter than we give them credit for, this cat saved a puppies life in this video.

I’ve been looking for something new to make for dinner that is quick and fresh, this fits the bill.

Good news for Miyoko’s, a vegan cheese brand.

A review of the new Ben and Jerry’s Ice creams from non vegans. Spoiler: they sound pretty dang good!

Some good information and some good suggestions for cruelty free blush.

A scammer is worried about the vegan food in prison, interesting.

For you Harry Potter fans, this HP actress is going to launch a vegan podcast.  Yay!

One last sweet treat because valentines just ended and these have coffee in them. Umm, yum.

Want more roundups? Yeah, you do! Click here for more links that entertain and inform.


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