Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend.  One staple for a Super Bowl party is wings, thankfully cauliflower wings are one of the best things ever.  There is a million recipes and ways to make cauliflower wings, but some of the best I’ve ever had where at Fern Restaurant in Charlotte North Carolina .  If you ever get a chance to go there, I highly suggest it.  They make their own vegan buttermilk dill sauce and drizzle it over the wings. SO good!

I’ve included a few cauliflower wing recipes below in this week’s links if you want to make your own version, plus a few other app ideas to complete the perfect vegan app spread.

Below are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

I always trust High Carb Hannah’s recipes, this Cauli Wing recipe looks spicy!

Salt and Vinegar cauliflower? Sure why not.

This cheese on an appetizer table will fool anyone into thinking its ‘regular’ cheese. I buy mine at whole foods.

Wouldn’t this kitchen be perfect to prepare a meal in? I love good open shelving to house bulk items and coffee cups, so homey.

Do you know about the cruelty of wool? This article talks about natural alternatives to the unsustainable fabric.

This is one of my all time favorite skin care products, I can’t survive without it. Hear how I use it in this week’s Q&A podcast.

Lets just go with the cauliflower thing because this dish looks amazing.

How is your New Years resolution going? If you need help going or staying vegan you can find a mentor through this program. Support makes all the difference.

This baked version of Cauliflower wings looks pretty good too.

This lady’s job title is ‘Veganizer‘, how awesome!

A good saying for your day.

The perfect 7 layer dip because Hot for Food can do no wrong. (Lauren Toyota was on the podcast in the early podcast days.)

Plus a nice tiny living situation, becasue these aesthetics + tiny living + mobility = perfection.

Want more roundups? Yeah, you do! Click here for more links that entertain and inform.

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