At the book store the other day all of the books on display were about ‘just being‘ and ‘being happy‘, and ‘slowing down’.  We’ve come to a point where we can’t just be, we’ve got to pack our schedules to be important.  Being still with your thoughts isn’t a thing, if you have extra time you play on your phone, watch a quick youtube video, etc.  The world now needs to read books on how to be comfortable just sitting with your own thoughts.

I’ve been subconsciously working on slowing down but hadn’t categorized it as slowing down or self care until I read about the correlation.  One of the things I do is set ‘keyboard goals’, these are two goals that can be easily accomplished everyday written on your keyboard so you can see them easily (I work an office job most days).  Things that qualify as keyboard goals for me are things like hydrate, read for 20 minutes, go to bed early, think positive, leave time for coffee and sitting in the morning.  These are all things that aren’t exactly back breaking but are going to leave you with a better quality of life each day.  You have to slow down to accomplish most of them.  I highly recommend setting intentions or goals like this for your day. This article writes more about the notion of removing the term ‘self care’ from being interchangeable with ‘treat yo self’.  Self care isn’t face masks and shopping sprees, it is a totally different type of luxury.

If you’re just here for the links, below are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

I love the vibe of this video, plus this idea of school bus living just seems so cool to me right now.

Cauliflower is the jam right now, plus it’s salt and vinegar, uhhh yes!

I wasn’t sure if these toothbrushes would pass the test since they are quite different, but I have to say I really like them and what they stand for.

Didn’t I just saw cauliflower was the thing?  These cauliflower tacos  with grilled corn look AMAZING.

Someone wanted to know what I like in my coffee as a creamer, its this.  It gets creamy and cozy and its my favorite of the different things I’ve tried.

People like Carrie Underwood who call themselves vegan then say “traveling and stuff, it just kind of gets hard.  Sometimes I may have to do some egg whites or something.” Make all of us actual vegans look bad.  The truth is if you want to do it you can, especially when you have all of the resources that Carrie Underwood does. If you knew all the pain and misery animals had to go through becasue you felt like eating eggs today you would be ashamed. (This isn’t to say its not ok for people to transition over to veganism and slowly cut out eggs and dairy.  This is saying Carrie Underwood has been claiming to be vegan for years then says it’s ok to eat animal products ‘sometimes’.  You either are vegan and eat no animal products or you aren’t.) END RANT.

I wish these vegan pizza wheels, where close to my house, they make different flavors every week.

Sustainable fashion is getting the attention of vegans and non vegans alike.

Someone asked what cruelty free coats I recommend for maximum warmth in the winter. I personally wear this, but also rec this ticker version and my husband wears the men’s version of this. All of these are super warm with reflective technology that keeps your body heat in and 100% vegan.  These hats are also great for staying warm, plus they are 100% cotton.

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