As much as I know that its not the best, I cannot go to bed early.  My theory has always been that if you stay up later more can fit in your day.  On most days I have a whole set of things that have to be done (work, working out, dinner making, etc.).  If you want to fit anything extra in then you have to stay up late.  I’m talking midnight standard but a lot of nights 1-2am.  Then I wake up at at 5-6am.  I know, I know, it’s bad.

This week I’ve been going to bed around 10:30. Every night I feel like someone should hand me an award for being in bed so early. The result: I’ve been waking up at 5 without my alarm! Wha! This is like pure craziness to me. (I won’t lie I haven’t been springing out of bed, I usually just pat myself on the back for waking up then fall back asleep.) Usually there’s a point at 8pm where I’m so tired its hard to make myself move from the couch, like my body is literally cement. Then without fail I shower and get my second wind. This week the cement feeling never happened! Guys! Sleep is important! So this whole thing is a PSA to tell you to get more sleep people! You want it, you need it, so just do it!

If you already get sleep like a normal person and are just here for the Weekend roundup, then here’s a few links from around the web that I’m enjoying right now.
Is this the cheapest man ever? Or just the most minimal? Or just smart?

The most perfect reaction to a kitten as a gift.

We all need a little more mindful self compassion, here’s how.

The Dodo is always showing how smart animals really are.

Looking for a new smoothie recipe? I’ve got you covered.

Out of all the meats, vegan and non, this won the ‘best meat’ at Trader Joes. Yay!

I can’t stop eating these lately, perfect snack for on the go, after hikes, take anywhere type stuff. (Vegan rule #1, bring snacks!) Ps. that’s my fav flavor, but they are ALL good.

Emilie Eats was on the podcast this week talking body image in the vegan scene.  Have you heard it yet?

I’m always looking for new vegan sneakers because I wear through them so fast. This new-to-me brand looks amazing and has great reviews.

I’ve liked this band for a bit now- but this video makes them look super cool.

Former guest Caitlin Shoemaker of ‘From My Bowl’ listed Live Planted as one of her favorite instagrams along side Rich Roll, The Tim Ferriss Show, One Part Podcast, and Earth To Us. Gah! So honored to be among such great podcasts!

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