Over Thanksgiving my husband and I attended the Gentle Barn’s Thanksgiving celebration.  The reason I’m bringing it up all the way in January is because I can’t stop thinking about the pigs and the cows.  You can’t tell from the below photo of Henry and my husband, how humongous Henry the pig is.  I’m talking HUGE!  He is so large and is older than the traditional slaughtering age that his weight is putting too much pressure on his joints.  He regularly gets acupuncture, he’s had multiple surgeries, and he’s been known to crawl on his knees to take pressure off of his hind legs.  Henry weighs so much becasue hes been genetically modified and bred to gain as much weight as possible in the shortest time possible. His body was literally not ‘made’ to live past 6 months old.

As sad as this story is, the happy part is that Henry gets to live out his life at the sanctuary without fear of ever having to leave.  The other 9.8 million pigs slaughtered every day don’t get that luxury.  That’s why being vegan is so important to me. Spreading kindness across all beings is what it’s all about.

As always here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

This news story of a vegan women being denied Swiss citizenship is all over, what do you think?

At one time or another all vegans hear this question and it always baffles me, but if you’re still wondering here is your answer.

You can tell a good book by how fast you fly through it. This book caught my eye at the book store, before I knew it I flew through almost 3 chapters while standing there. Definitely recommend.

This good news might just make your day.

I keep a little something around for super busy mornings so that I can fit my greens in no matter what. I heard this version was awesome as well.

It’s soup season, this soup is so bomb, plus easy to make so win-win.

I watched this video on repeat this week, so sweet! Why love one and eat another?

Turmeric and tahini dressing, uhh yes please. This recipe sounds and looks amazing!

This shirt describes my 24/7 attitude, I must have it!

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