Recently, I was asked to be on someone else’s podcast. To be on the show they asked that I send a bio on myself and the show.  So I was pulling some data to include in my bio and was awestruck at the numbers. My little ol’ podcast has been listened to in over 50 countries; from Nicaragua, to Egypt, to Israel, to Iceland. Thats SO insane to me! I am literally about to hit 30,000 overall listens. Plus there are people who have listened to the pod 90 times when there are only 44 episodes.

Thank you so much for spending the time listening to Live Planted. You have no idea how much it means to me. I started this podcast as a way to show people that you too can be vegan in an easy practical way, and I feel like the message is getting out there!

Here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

Although it seems he is coming from a very uninformed place, I salute this crazy conservative Evangelist for going vegan.

A bomb sounding quesadilla from a rock climber that you can even cook on a camp stove- sign me up.

Now that it feels like the arctic out, this coat is the jam. It’s lightweight, so warm, and totally vegan baby. I swear by mine.

This video project from a couple of vegan minimalists sounds awesome, hearing the personal side of things always helps when trying to understand others.

There is no shame in the supplement game. A multivitamin is great for you, plus now that it’s winter I like to make 100% sure that I get all of my nutrients in. I rec these vegan ones.

How inspiring is this girl living in her van spreading the message that it’s ok to be alone with ones self? Talk about self love.

Not sure I agree with the strictness of this guys diet, but I applaud someone showing that vegans can run marathons and more.

All I want to eat in cold weather are mushrooms and legumes, so this recipe from former podcast guest Laura Wright of ‘The First Mess’ is rocking my socks off.

Going vegan can be easy if you just know where to start, these 5 tips make starting out a little bit easier.

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