I’ve been working on the backend of my site, boring but totally necessary. So if you think my site has been acting weird or pictures are missing yes, I know and I’m on it. I’m not a webmaster, thats for sure. Sorry for the recent lack of posts, its been a real struggle over here.

I did completely revamp the ‘podcast’ page. You can now see the most recent past episodes, click to some of the most popular topics, find out more about me (the hostess with the mostess), and nominate yourself or someone else to be on the show.   Go check it out and tell me how good it looks because it took me forever and I’d greatly appreciate the praise.

Also, here’s a picture of me with some chickens at the Gentle Barn Sanctuary because we just got back some film from our Thanksgiving trip and I really like this one. Without further adeau, here are some links I’m enjoying from around the web this week.

Not this argument again? Big businesses are just scared to see lots of business going to their vegan competitors.

Good news for you Trader Joe’s shoppers, also good news for you palm oil avoiding people.

A really great article on a recent news happening where the writer uses their authority to inform people on the realities of dairy. Love to see the real information out there.

Thinking about going vegan? Here is some good transitional advice.

Now that its winter my skin is crying, highly recommend this, it smells like a dream and works even better.  I’ve been depending on it for a couple of years during our harsh Ohio winters.

Getting informed about your resolutions early will help you in the long run, this might help you.

I had one of these on my gift guide this year, and my mother in law bought me this fancy one. I am LOVING it, so calming plus the light up feature is fun.

Yes, this book looks cheesy as heck, but its on recommendation of my dad and its very good. He told me he reads a little bit of it every morning. Great if you’re thinking resolutions, self improvement, or just positivity.

Instagram has been my jam lately, catch up with me over there. I’ve been spilling book rec’s, 2016 accomplishments, some words of encouragement a grandpa gave me at the grocery store and more.

Hope you guys have a fabu New Year’s, I’ve got a lot of big plans for the new year and can’t wait to share them with you. See you in 2017!

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