This episode has been on my list to make for many, many months. It’s basically been haunting me.  I have so much to say on the topic of ‘why go vegan’, that I don’t know where to start.  The episode felt important to make but also overwhelming.

After putting it off for all this time, I realized I’m not a documentary. I don’t have 2 hours  and visuals to tell you all the reasons. What I do have is a reoccurring podcast, a space that people come back to week after week. A few days before recording the episode Erin and I went out to dinner to try and corral our thoughts. There was so much to say, but this is only the beginning of the conversation.

While editing the episode there was so much I wanted to add in, or I knew I could have explained more clearly, and that’s ok. We can build on this conversation in the future, but to do that it had to begin somewhere. I’m using this as the jumping off point.

If you enjoyed this episode or found it useful at all pass it along to a friend, share it on social media. When you guys pass the episodes on it helps get the word out about veganism and Live Planted, plus it lets me know to make more of this content.

Go check out the new RESOURCES tab (at the top of the page).  You can find links to everything from recommended cookbooks, to 60 seconds of factory farming and documentaries worth watching. Erin sent over all of her best resources as well, so it’s a great list!

Mentioned on the Show:
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‘Humane’ Eggs from Costco
Factory Farming in 60 Seconds
Mark Devries’ Drone Investigation over Factory Farms

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