Thanksgiving is one of those times where if you’re unprepared it can feel very challenging. Live Planted is here to help you prepare with a full Thanksgiving menu- a collection of 12 recipes, plus the bonus brussels above. Whether you’re new to veganism and feel lost when it comes to such a big meal, or you’re looking for new recipes to spice things up, you’re guaranteed to find something you like here.

This curated menu comes from Vegan bakers and recipe creators from around the web, most of the creators are former podcast guests. The menu is full of plant based dishes and will take you from appetizer to full on dessert.  With this menu you can feel more prepared, spending less time thinking and more time eating. Enjoy!

  1. Appetizer: Fiesta Salad Dip from Raw Till Whenever 2. Mashed Potatoes from the Potato king himself, Potato Strong 3. Mushroom Gravy from Kaitlyn Cashmere’s Live Planted Collab 4. Minimalist Baker’s Vegan Stuffing 5. Green Bean Casserole from Edgy Veg 6. Perfect Roasted Sweet Potatoes from who else but Sweet Potato Soul

7. Stuffed Squash from The First Mess 8. Hot For Food’s famous Mac & Cheese 9. Heaven Cake from Wholy Goodness 10. Fuck Yeah Chocolate Tart from Wholy Goodness 11. Pumpkin Tarts from Oh She Glows because whats Thanksgiving with out pumpkin 12. And of course an Apple Pie from Martha Stewart

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