Caitlin Shoemaker is a graduate student studying to become a physical therapist.  She’s the creator of the wildly popular vegan instagram account ‘From My Bowl‘.  Caitlin is focused on showing people how to live a ‘realistic’ vegan life while tackling a busy schedule.  As I mentioned in episode 32, this season I want to talk with people from all different walks, showing that you can be plant based however you choose to live.  Caitlin is living proof that a packed day and limited resources aren’t stopping her from living a vegan life.

In this episode we discuss what advice Caitlin would give to plant interested college students, why food doesn’t have to be beautiful all the time, how it was growing up as a vegan/vegetarian, and why morning routines are important.


Caitlin has partnered with Live Planted on a giveaway of her smoothie ebook, ‘Super Smoothies‘.  One lucky winner will win a digital copy of ‘Super Smoothies’. To enter follow @liveplanted on instagram, then leave a comment telling us what is your favorite thing to add to your smoothies. For a bonus entry you can tag a friend in the comments. (Winner chosen at random.  Deadline to enter is Friday October 14th.)

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