I’ve been getting asked, ‘Which stores do you thrift at?’, “Where are you located?? My thrift stores aren’t like that!’, each time I go thrifting on Instagram. The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you thrift, it just matters that you’re inspired when you go (hear more about pre-thrifting inspiration in my ‘Thrifting Routine’ podcast episode). If you’re inspired, the racks upon racks of stuff turn into racks of possibility. Your eyes are more open to exactly what you’re hoping to find because you’ve kept those items top of mind.

Every trend comes around again so any ‘new’ trend can be found secondhand if you look. Today I thought I would share what’s on my thrift shopping list for spring. I compile the list, hit multiple stores over the course of a few weeks/months and usually come out with nearly everything I am looking for. Here’s what I’m searching for this spring.

1 Straw Visors– We know staw hats were a big thing last summer (and nearly every summer ever) but I’m predicting that visors are making a chic comeback. I’d like to find a straw version so it matches with everything, but I’d settle for another neutral color if I find the right one.

2. Wide Leg Khaki Pants– White pants have been trending but I’m betting khaki is going to have it’s moment this spring too. The wide cropped leg really shows off your shoes and I’ll be able to style them with graphic tee’s, or silky blouses for a more dressed up feel, or even with a spring coat.

3. Strappy Sandals– Early 2000’s who? These should be easy to thrift as this exact style shoe, strappy with a lowish block heel, was huge in the early 2000’s. I’ve seen a few so far but I’m holding out in hopes of finding a great color like my inspiration. Pairs well with pants and dresses alike so I should get a lot of wear out of them.

4. Textured Bags– Beaded, plastic, clear, mesh, I’m into it all. I passed up a dupe for the red Lisa Says Gah bag (which is sold out now) last year and have been kicking myself ever since. Beaded bags and mesh bags are all the rage this spring in fun poppy colors and I’m here for it, especially with a neutral outfit it feels like a fun pop.

5. Printed Skirts– I’ve been wearing trousers and jeans almost exclusively for the past two years, I’m ready to get back into skirts and dresses. They are fairly easy to find thrifting so I try to be picky and find the prints I feel would get the most wear in my closet. Anything without too many colors fits better into my monochromatic wardrobe. I’m going to pair them with sneakers or strappy sandals, tee’s and sweaters when it’s still a little chilly out. Love the animal print heel the top two inspiration photos paired with the skirts.

So there are the top 5 spring trends I’m hunting for at the thrift. Each time I go to the thrift store I read over my list (it has a few more things on it as well like, coffee table, overalls, scarves to tie in my hair, etc.), and assess my Pinterest board with all the inspiration photos before walking in. This way I go in with inspiration top of mind.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post, I can do these more often since I’m always thrifting for something. If you want more thrifting, listen to the past thrifting episodes on the pod (Thrifting Routine and Secondhand Shopping for Zero Waste) or go thrifting with me on my stories on Instagram.

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