This is the OG logo. It’s the hardest working logo you’ve ever seen. I drew the original logo up in photoshop when LP was just an idea of ‘what if’ in a vegan brunch spot that no longer exists. It needed to be green, ‘obviously’ and that was about it.
The logo was used all over the place in episode thumbnails, facebook, twitter, instagram. At the time I thought it was great, I was proud of what I whipped up, so why not plaster it all over. Here’s one of the first few episode thumbnails…oh how far we’ve come.

Now two years later, I’ve come to realize the original logo, haphazardly sketched up, no longer represents who Live Planted is. I wanted something that visually represented what the show is, and who we are. Plus, there needed to be meaning behind it. We’re more than just a few letters splashed across a screen.

A friend of a friend is Aaron May, an amazing graphic designer who took on LP (bless his heart…). I started by sending lots of inspiration and ideas of where I thought the logo should go, and general ‘who are we’ type of info so Aaron could get an idea of what’s going on over here.

Aaron sent back a huge deck of ideas. From this super cool face that turned into the logo.

To this modern minimalist plant version.

Which looked neat on virtual shirts. (Peep that instagram! This shows you how long this project took.)

We went back and forth on the lettering and the icon that was going to represent LP. Something about this lettering felt too stiff for the pod. Even though veganism is a serious subject, I feel like we still let loose and have fun around here so this didn’t feel quite right.

More back and forth between the two of us as to what would represent the meaning behind LP but still look fun and interesting.

In came the eyeballs. Veganism is really about the animals. The eyeball shows that it’s simple – we’re all the same when you look in our eyes. Whether you were born a pig, a cat or a human we all want to live and thrive. It’s simple, deep down we’re all the same and you can see it in a creatures eyes. Thus began our fortay into finding the right eyeball.

I wanted something that meant something to you guys. Something that you felt good wearing on your jacket or carrying to the grocery store. Something that has more depth than just looking cool.

The subtle messaging of the eye is perfect for wearing your compassion on  your sleeve without having to feel like you’re screaming ‘VEGAN!’ at the top of your lungs. Plus, it looks freakin’ cool on your jean jeacket!

I hope you guys love it as much as I do and resonate with the message. Here’s a picture of a cow eating my shirt, while we’re staring into each other’s eyes, plus the new logo on a tote, for good measure.

You can get your hands on the new merch HERE on etsy. There’s totes, pins and stickers for now. I have really been enjoying wearing mine and can’t wait to see you guys wearing the merch!

You can hear more behind the scenes on the refresh on this week’s podcast.

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