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Let us talk about trying new vegetables. Every year, I try to incorporate more I-could- care-less-for vegetables into my meals. Our taste preferences are always adapting: I once used to turn my nose up at kale, Swiss chard and beets, and now I can’t get enough of them.

This year, one of the new additions is fennel.
If you love licorice, then this is the bulbous vegetable for you. If you’re not a licorice fan, this vegetable can be a bit more challenging to love. Personally, I’ve found the best way to introduce a new vegetable is to add a little bit to a dish I already enjoy. Whether that be as a side, stirred into a soup, or added to a salad.

Another maybe not so secret I’d like to share: Roasting most vegetables will cause its natural sugars to release. So that once anise, licorice flavored fennel is now sweet and the licorice taste is barely detectable.

Maybe one day I will enjoy the taste of raw fennel shaved overtop a bright green salad. But for the time being, it’s going to be roasted crispy and sprinkled on everything.

PS: This recipe has more in it than fennel, try the broccoli salad too.

  Roasted Broccoli Summer Salad with Crispy Fennel and Lemon

Author: Kaitlyn Cashmere
Recipe Type: Vegetables, Legumes, Vegan, Gluten Free
Serves: 2-3
Inactive Time: 5 Minutes. Active Cook Time: 30 Minutes. Total Time: 35 Minutes.


4 Cups Small Broccoli Florets
1 Fennel Bulb, Thinly Sliced *
8 Ounces Thin Asparagus Spears, Cut Into 1 Inch Pieces (woody ends discarded)
3 Teaspoons Avocado Oil, Divided
1 Cup Canned Navy or Great Northern Beans, Rinsed and Drained
¼ Cup Golden Raisins
¼ Cup Sliced Almonds
2 Tablespoons Sunflower Seeds
1 Tablespoon Chives, Finely Chopped
2 ½ Tablespoons Lemon Juice
Salt and Black Pepper to Taste
* Fennel: Remove stalks, save! Use in homemade vegetable stock. Use a peeler to remove any discolored parts of the bulb.


Preheat oven to 415° Fahrenheit and place rack towards the center of the oven.
Prepare broccoli and fennel (wash, slice or cut).
Add prepared broccoli florets and fennel slices to a large baking sheet, keeping fennel together on it’s own side.
Separately toss broccoli and fennel with salt, black pepper, and a teaspoon each of avocado oil.
Roast broccoli and fennel for 15 minutes, tossing after 10 minutes (but keeping separate on the sheet).
Meanwhile, prepare asparagus to be roasted (wash, cut, and set aside)
To a medium serving bowl, add: navy beans, raisins, almonds, sunflower seeds, chives, lemon juice, salt and black pepper. Gently stir together.
After 15 minutes: remove broccoli, add to salad mixture and bake fennel for additional 5 minutes.
Keeping fennel on it’s own side (sensing a theme yet?), add asparagus to the baking sheet, toss with remaining teaspoon of avocado oil, and roast 8-10 minutes. Fennel should be nice and crispy by now.
Add asparagus to salad and toss to combine. Top with crispy fennel.
Best if served immediately.
Store leftovers in the refrigerator, in an airtight container. Consume within 4 days.

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