When I’m gifting for someone I want it to be thoughtful and something as useful as possible. Kitchen gadgets can get gimmicky and take up a lot of space, so everything I’ve gathered together is good for multiple uses. These are all things I personally use in my kitchen all the time. Everything here can be purchased off Amazon because if you’re anything like me, last minute gifts are the only kind you buy. Here’s what I’ve gathered together for the vegan cook in your life.

1. Bamboo Cutting Boards: These babies are so beautiful they can be kept out on the counter. Which is exactly where I end up keeping mine because of near constant use. Both, heavy duty and priced great, these pack a lot of punch for an inexpensive gift.

2. Weck Jars: As beautiful as they are useful, Weck Jars can be used store bulk bin items in the open because they are so pretty. Package up homemade jam, pickles, or vanilla and gift in these pretty jars. Gift a whole set to be used as zero waste tupperware. Multi use items are always a safe gift.

3. Salt Celler: These are for seriously good cooks, or just seriously stylish kitchens. Salt cellers allow the chef to freely season as they cook, and this marble celler will make counters look sophisticated. A nice stocking stuffer.

4. Cuisinart Food Processor: My most used kitchen appliance for five years and counting. Make hummus, dough, peanut butter, bliss balls- the possibilities are endless. This is the medium sized one at 8 cups, there’s also the 11 cup for serious hummus addicts.

5. Thug Kitchen: A classic cookbook old and new vegans cook out of on the regular. Great recipes with humor, the tagline of the book is ‘Eat Like You Give a F*ck’. Not for the faint of heart, but if you have the right audience this book goes over well every time.

6. The First Mess: Laura Wright makes delicious savory meals that will become classics in anyone’s kitchen. The word I would use to describe the book is ‘thoughtful’. Every recipe is beyond well thought out and seasonally appropriate. You can hear Laura talk about her love of toast in her episode of the LP Podcast.

7. The Colorful Kitchen: A brand new release, this book embodies ‘practical’. Easy recipes with a manageable amount of ingredients. I mean the book includes ‘Coconut Crusted Avocado Fries’ and ‘Maple Mustard Squash Grilled Cheese’ for goodness sakes.

8. One Part Plant: Jessica Murnane can do no wrong in my eyes. A fellow podcaster and wellness advocate, her debut cookbook includes everything from breakfast to dessert with beautiful photos to boot.

9. The Instant Pot: If you haven’t heard this is THE thing for vegan cooks and non vegan cooks alike. It’s a new age pressure cooker, taking all the worry of explosions and near death experiences out of pressure cooking. The ‘Instapot’, as the hip people call it, makes sweet potatoes in mere minutes. Stews, dried beans, and many other things cook at break neck speeds. Especially good for winter foods, this guy will change your gift-ee’s kitchen game.

10. Dish Towels: This may seem odd, but kitchen towels are always useful and something most people neglect to buy themselves. Buy a bulk pack of nice dish towels and wrap your gifts in them for a zero waste wrapping. Or just use them as stocking stuffers for the cook in your life.

11. Non Stick Green Pan: These guys are completely non toxic, chemical free, and non stick, unlike the traditional teflon which leaches chemicals into your food. The coating will never peel or scratch off and these pans are deep enough for really getting stuff done on the stovetop. I personally have the whole set and would recommend them to anyone looking to detoxify their kitchen or just get a nice set of pans.

12. Cactus Costers: These coasters make a fun sight in the kitchen. Vegans are plant lovers, so cactus coasters are ever so relevant. Plus, they are useful when the cook is in the kitchen and guests gather round with drinks in hand.

Zero waste and stocking stuffer gift guides coming soon. Plus, lots of giveaways happening on insta in the month of December. 

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