A lot of people ask, “How can I stay vegan? Its so hard.” One of my number one tips is to learn how to cook. You don’t have to become the next ‘Iron Chef’ and you don’t even have to make your food pretty, but you do need to learn to make food you enjoy to subsist on.

Cooking you own meals has its benefits. It means you’ll always know exactly whats in your food. You’ll save money, be eating healthier without much thought and, most importantly, you won’t be at the mercy of others or restaurants all the time.

So Vegan friends, we want to challenge you to ‘learn to cook better, so you can eat better!’ To help you out, Live Planted has teamed up with Kaitlyn Cashmere, a Holistic Health Coach, for our cooking challenge. By the end of the challenge, the goal is to become a better cook and a more self-sufficient Vegan

For the next 5 weeks, we’ll be sharing recipes that Kaitlyn has created for us. The recipes are practical enough for a weeknight dinner, but special enough that you could serve them on Thanksgiving. The recipes will be accessible for newer cooks but inventive enough to teach seasoned ones some new techniques and flavor combinations. At the end of the challenge, we want everyone to be more confident in the kitchen! The challenge starts tomorrow with the first recipe that Kaitlyn created (hint- its breakfast!).

To participate:
Come back every Thursday for a new recipes for the next 5 weeks.
-Recreate the recipe in your kitchen and snap a photo of your version of the dish.
-Use the hashtag #LivePlantedCooks to tag us on social media and tell us
how your experience was. Was there something you found particularly hard? Tell us! Flavors you really liked? Share it! You guys can talk to each other and I’ll feature a few people on Instagram and Twitter.
For the overachievers, push yourself to work one skill or flavor that you learned into another dish you cook.

Kaitlyn has specifically created these recipes to have practical ingredients made from whole foods, so there won’t be anything confusing in the recipes. We are so excited to kick this off and grateful to have found such a perfect partner in Kaitlyn. Let’s get cooking!

Why Kaitlyn?

Kaitlyn Cashmere is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in health coaching.  Shes a plant based Midwesterner who feels most herself in nature, and can’t say no to a cup of tea.  If all that doesn’t convince you, then here’s this little fact: she believes that hummus is the best condiment. Uh! Yes! She also creates kick ass recipes that are exactly how you want to eat; clean, healthy and flavorful with a lot of sweet potatoes thrown in.

Check back tomorrow for the first recipe in the challenge!


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