Happy Valentines Day!  I wanted to share the love and start bringing you some helpful additions beyond the podcast.

First up is this FREE Meal Planner Printable. One of the hardest things when going vegan is thinking ‘what will I eat?’.  Doing a little bit of planning can help make your week and your grocery shopping so much smoother.  Use the planner to make a vague menu, or plan out every last detail.  Every little bit of prep helps!  I wanted to make you this free MEAL PLANNING PRINTABLE, so you can feel more relaxed about your meals all week long.

The planner proudly displays one of Live Planted’s practical vegan mottos, ‘Less Stress, More Good Food’.  This message is good to think about when you’re meal planning. Don’t sweat the small stuff, make meals you enjoy!

Download the FREE planner with the button below. Tag Live Planted on instagram or twitter if you use it! I want to see what is on your menus for the week. (If you look closely, you can see what’s on my menu this week! Burrito bowls anyone?)

Meal Plan Template From Live Planted.

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