Not sure how to listen to podcasts on your phone?

Listen to podcasts on your phone because you’re so mobile, and busy, and mobern. Who has time for sitting and listening when you could move and listen? Or maybe you just want me to cut the crap and give you the directions? either way, proceed below.

First find the purple ‘podcasts’ icon on your iphone and click in. (ignore all of my red alerts, AHH!)

Next locate the ‘search’ FUNCTION on the lower right hand corner. If you’ve never used the podcasts app yours will look slightly different than mine, don’t panic. 

Click on the search function and search ‘Live Planted’ in the search bar. Then hit search. (I’m guessing that you know how to search, if not i really spelled it out for you here. you’re welcome)

Click on Live Planted in the area noted by the big yellow arrow. 

Then hit that ‘subscribe’ button baby! 

Now that you’re a MEMBER of the Live Planted club you can listen to all episodes on the go and you’ll be alerted when a new episode comes out. yay you!

You can peruse and listen to all old episodes (see the episodes below the header? Where it says #043 Sarah Lemkus.. etc. click on those to listen, or scroll through for past episodes.) 

Still have questions? I can only help so much!

(just kidding! You can always message me via twitter or email.)