Welcome to Week 1 of the ‘Live Planted Cooking Challenge’!  If you missed what all of this is about, see yesterday’s post for all the details.  In short, Live Planted has teamed up with Health Coach Kaitlyn Cashmere to create recipes that will challenge you to become a better cook.  If you can fend for yourself in the kitchen then it becomes much easier to stay plant based in the long run.  All of our challenge recipes will be accessible for newer cooks but inventive enough to teach seasoned ones something new.

Kaitlyn has specifically created these recipes for Live Planted with practicality in mind, choosing whole plant based foods.  Each week we’ll have one fall inspired, gluten free, recipe to stretch your cooking skills. At the end of the 5 week challenge you’ll feel more confident in the kitchen, having practiced new techniques, flavor combinations and more. Let’s do this!

To participate:
–Come back every Thursday for a new recipe for the next 5 weeks.
-Recreate the recipe in your kitchen and snap a photo of your version of the dish.
-Use the hashtag #LivePlantedCooks to tag us on social media and tell us how your experience was. Was there something you found particularly hard? Tell us! Flavors you really liked? Share it! You guys can talk to each other and I’ll feature a few people on Instagram and Twitter.
–For the overachievers, push yourself to work one skill or flavor that you learned into another dish you cook.

Today’s recipe is a breakfast recipe filled with healthy proteins, and complex carbs to give you energy.  These Ginger Pear Oats will keep you full for the whole morning, while warming you from the inside out.  This recipe will show you that a few extra ingredients will make all the difference in flavor but won’t cost you extra time. You can make this gluten free breakfast ahead of time the flavors only intensify as it sits. Store it in the fridge and you’ve got an awesome grab and go breakfast.

ginger Pear OATMEAL

Author: Kaitlyn Cashmere
Recipe Type: Breakfast, Vegan, Gluten Free
Serves: 2
Prep Time: 5 Min. Cook Time: 6-8 Min. Total Time: 11-13 Min


1 Medium Pear: Diced
1 Cup Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
1 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 1/4 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Golden Raisins
1 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon
3/4Teaspoon Ground Ginger (Powder)
1 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 Tablespoon Blackstrap Molasses
1 Tablespoon Maple Syrup
1 Tablespoon Ground Flaxseed

Toppings (Optional):
Extra Pear
Pumpkin Seeds
Chopped Pecans
Almond Milk

Add oats, almond milk, water and raisins to a medium saucepan, cover and bring to a boil.
Meanwhile, dice and add the pear, ground ginger and cinnamon to the saucepan.
Once boiling, reduce heat, remove lid and simmer for 6-8 minutes- stirring frequently (Stirring frequently is the magic trick to achieving creamy oatmeal).
Remove from heat and stir in vanilla extract, molasses, maple syrup and flaxseed.
Serve with optional toppings or enjoy as is.

Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Consume within 3-4 days.

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5 thoughts on “Ginger Pear Oatmeal- Live Planted Cooking Challenge.”

  1. So excited to try this! I’ve made an apple crisp with pear many times, so I know that pear marries beautifully with oats.

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